Let's Ignite

This post is about Moto-fashion blogging. The blog is for all riders to acquire real tested and comfortable f fashion for all.

Suhani Lotlikar,

Motorcycle Fashion Blogger.

Concept and Agenda

Often been tagged as the girl who wears motorcycle boots, I am coming up with a blog and vlog like none other. My agenda is to provide fashion advice to women on motorcycles which will include both apparel and make up. Let’s get to the real talk- motorcycle women look nothing like the ones you will find on google. We sweat and are constantly looking for a perfect hair do that our helmet is comfortable with. I will be providing this information from my real life experience on each of my ride on my Avenger cruise 220. The blog will talk about the kind of hairstyles, apparel, materials, buffs, etc. women can use to perk up the existing pale color palette of motorcycling. This will be safety gear included with a fashionista perspective and not the mechanics of the machine. The outcome will be supported by an aesthetic connect with my own motorcycle. Hope you join in the gang girls!